Omran Investment & Real Estate Development Company

Omran Investment & Real Estate Development Company
To invest in the development of advanced real estate projects, using the latest modern construction techniques and the finest urban designs to achieve the requirements of the quality of life of our project users according to their capabilities, and to achieve complete flexibility in responding to their life changes.
تThe Modern Building Initiative adopted by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing aims to lay the foundations for the building and construction industry and to support the process of transformation from traditional to modern construction by stimulating factories and enabling the use of modern building methods and modern practices in the construction sector, investing in advanced systems and technologies and contributing significantly Main in keeping pace with industrial development and confirming the Kingdom’s leadership in this field, in order to enable citizens to find housing that meets aspirations in record time with high quality and competitive cost. Omran Investment and Real Estate Development Company seeks to be one of the influential players in this industry.
The launch of the building technology stimulus initiative as part of the housing system has an important role in supporting the transition from traditional construction to modern construction. The initiative contributed to stimulating investment in advanced technologies in line with industrial development, while ensuring quality and reducing costs, thus giving the Kingdom a regional leadership in this field. The launch of the initiative came under the supervision of the housing and national industry development and logistical support programs, and with the support of the private sector stimulus plan, to emphasize the contribution of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to the real estate sector and real estate developers, which raises the quality of life for Saudi families.

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Modern construction methods

Modern Building Methods (MMC) comprises new and improved construction performance methods that produce high quality results with significant savings in construction time. Modern building methods contributed to saving the total cost of projects, in addition to their role in improving supply and demand for modern building technologies in the Kingdom. Among the methods of future construction are some future methodologies that have not been fully adopted at the international and regional levels. Therefore, one of the objectives of the Building Methods Stimulation Initiative was to support suppliers of future building methods in order to localize these technologies in the Kingdom, and Omran Real Estate Investment and Development Company seeks to be one of them.As modern building technologies play a major role in the localization of the construction and contracting market, especially since the majority of workers in these technologies are Saudis, in contrast to traditional construction methods that are difficult to fully Saudize, especially manual labour, the initiative to stimulate modern building technologies represents an important step in the management of Omran Company. With a team of Saudi technicians.

Omran and construction technologies

Omran International Company for Investment and Real Estate Development started its journey through the advanced prefabricated building method by equipping its first factory from the largest international companies specialized in this field. The advanced prefab construction method is a technology that consists of assembling buildings or their components in a place outside the construction site. This method controls In the construction costs by saving time, wages and materials, and the focus is in the first stage on three-dimensional prefabricated buildings as an integral component of the buildings, to produce environmentally friendly buildings through less waste and recycling, cost savings, shortening the construction period, flexibility and portability of buildings, and quality due to Building production in an environment in which quality can be controlled, leading to the localization of the construction industry by providing a suitable work environment for citizens.

Our Visions
Pioneering future real estate development using the latest technologies to achieve the quality of life of users of its projects.