Proposal for the development of Al-Aqeer Riviera Resort

Al-Aqeer Theater Project
This project was established in 2015 by the Municipality of Al-Ahsa to tell the story of the successive civilizations of Al-Aqeer and to remind Al-Ahsa of the history of 7 civilizations that passed on Al-Aqeer beach in the region, and its age extended to 4000 years, as it was the first Roman civilization, and it had a major role in the Al-Aqeer region and the source of trade from it And to her.
Outdoor theaters, indoor meeting rooms, and restaurants

Concept and master plan

The concept of the project is built around a 15,000m2 lake which will show traditional activities such as fishing, pearl diving, diving and sea singing. The resort will be in a circular shape and all rooms will have a view of the activities area and the sea. The project will have an open stage for various activities and festivals. Various restaurants will be in the project including an underwater aquarium.